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Anonymous said...

where are pictures soldiers 020 and campsusupe16.

EW Johnson said...

Hi, Those pictures are on my Saipan History web site here:

Gini said...

I found your photos through Flickr. A good friend of ours was born and raised on Saipan. Her family still lives there. We're hoping to come visit some time and do some diving.

Your photos are really nice and it looks like a lovely place!


SoloPocono said...

Hi Eric, I've been going through your sites-absolutely fascinating!! AND Breath-Taking!!
My incredible Son has been on Guam for almost 5 years now and lives, works and is a student at UOG. He is hoping to open a business after graduating, most likely, on one of the other Islands. He's also determined to move his Mom there. ;)
He's active in several organizations there and has basically been "adopted" by all of his Chamorro friends. I'd love to be able to email you to ask you a few questions before pursuing a MAJOR move-if you're willing and able to, you can contact me at my "general" email, (screen-name at gmail) Thank You in advance, and for maintaining these wonderful sites!!! I look forward to learning more!! elaine

EW Johnson said...

Feel free to email me: ewjohnson at

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