Strange Saipan

Isn't the center line suppose to stay in the center of the road? I don't like to complain but shouldn't that sign point to the right?

This sporty crab is living on the grounds of a resort in Saipan. At a resort it was a little hard for him to find a shell but easier to find a ping pong ball. The ingenious little crab custom made his own shell. It is light weight, aerodynamic, and the female crabs love the smooth shinny look. The dent on top gives him the rough tough rugged look.

276 Inches: Driving iron please.

Darn! The middle of the Post Office seemed like a good place to spit.

It just doesn't seem right.

The employees have clean hands and the management has poor letter recognition.

This is a Japanese WWII gun bunker on today's golf course. Now that's what I call a real golf course bunker. I wonder if you loose a stroke if your ball goes in the bunker?

This is me trying a bull's head on for size.

My son collects seashells by the seashore in Saipan.

Is it a bird? A plane? A flying squirrel? If I didn't film it then I wouldn't believe it.

You never know what the tide will bring in. I see it and I'm still not sure.

"What happened?"
"Where am I?"
"How did I get here?"
"I don't like this place!"
"Fins get me out of here!"
"Another bad hair day I'm having."
"Excuse me, do you have a glass of water?"

That's OK. We know what it use to say.

Darn! I really wanted to smoke near the unexploded bombs.

Vandals have stolen some of the 'Bad Butts'. I wonder what size butts they took?

CAUTION: A car-eating tree stump disguised as an Easter egg chicken.

His Santa Chicken Tree Stump outfit.

"ANGER HIGH AGE" I'm starting to understand this sign.

I must be the last passenger for this abandoned bus in the jungle.

Where am I?

Where am I now? Trying to get an idea from my 99 cent compass.

'Safety First' is always a distant thought in Saipan as can be seen by this sturdy railing on the edge of a 300 foot cliff.

As well as this sturdy bridge.

This is the main entrance to the emergency room in Saipan. Average wait time: 3 hours, unless someone is in line ahead of you. They keep the door locked at all times and the window is covered and the smaller sign says, "DO NOT KNOCK". The phone is there so you can call an ambulance while you wait.

The sign in the window says "DO NOT TOUCH" but I don't see how touching could make it worst.

All my son needs is a helmet, jump suit with stars and stripes and then climb in for take off.

SPIDER!!! BIG SPIDER moved into our kitchen and kicked the rest of us out.

Fish? What fiiii..... oh yea, you're right, those fish are colorful.

Lost Pet Guppie: Let me know if you find my pet, but don't look too hard and keep your hands, feet and head away from his mouth.

What!!! You agree to be responsible for any death you may suffer.

I think I see Gilligan at the wheel.

Saipan plumbing.

Stay focused.

Managaha Island is only this big.

I'm not really this ugly. This is how a fish sees us.

She easily gets tired when swimming but quickly found an alternative. Notice how she holds on.

Rush hour at the reef.

She was a natural at the doggie paddle.

My son takes after his father. All the little kids ran away crying at just a glance of him.

Saipanda is a rare creature native to and only found in Saipan. He is hard to capture with the camera. With a lot of patience I was able to photograph this dreadful animal as he terrorized the island.

The statues are embarrassed in Saipan.

Strange Fish.

This trout was caught near the nuclear reactor drainage ditch.

This is my exploring buddy "Stewie" also known as "Stewie the Explorer" when he was young. He is modeling his favorite shirt and diapers.

The kids painted our Maltese/poodle with pink food coloring.

How close is Saipan to the Bikini Atoll?

SAIPANBO. This was me in my younger years.

You can buy dolphins really cheap at this store and they will serve them anyway you like: dolphin steak, dolphin deep fried, dolphin fin soup...

While doing some yard work I sat on the grass for a well needed rest. My rest didn't last long when I noticed this monster caterpillar in full charge straight for me. I scooted back and he kept charging. I moved to the left and he changed course still heading straight for me. I moved to the right but he followed me. I didn't know if he was friendly or angry but with those spikes and bright colors I wasn't going to wait to find out.

I can verify this statement, there was no flavor.

The chicken limousine and chicken jeepneys of Saipan.

Room for one more passenger.

No thanks. I'll take the next one.

Which way did he go?

The chicken man took away my sister-in-law and my wife.

We became great friends after that.


Alan Davis said...

Great collection!

EW Johnson said...

Thanks Alan.

J said...

I absolute LOVE the dog swimming - er - holding on to Will(?)! That is hysterical!!!!

Your pics are aweseome Eric!

EW Johnson said...

Thanks J.

Anonymous said...

Too funny. Looks like there are dogs on Saipan. I am moving there from Pacific Northwest. I am a dog groomer of 38 years. Is there a need for a part time grooming shop on Saipan? I am very professional and experienced.

EW Johnson said...

Thanks Anonymous. There are lots of dogs in Saipan and you should be able to find customers.

lirome said...

Love this blog. Thank you for sharing - er actually was reading about it in MV so i thought I'd check it out. Can't wait to see the rest!

EW Johnson said...

Thanks lirome, I hope you like the rest.

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Ann Skradski said...

Very nice Eric!! Hope that you and Cherry are doing well!