Lau Lau Beach

Lau Lau Bay has a huge beach with interesting lava rock outcroppings dividing the beach into many parts. The waves are gentle and the water is warm and shallow. The road to Lau Lau starts in San Vicente and ends in Kagman. The road in both directions is rough and you should use a 4 wheel drive vehicle, although I have always made it (barely) without 4 wheel drive. The East side of Lau Lau Beach is popular with scuba divers.

Picture of Lau Lau Bay from the top of Mt. Tapochao.

This large stone was used for a thousand years to grind rice.

This bus has sat in the jungle for decades.

This sign is on the side of the bus. Before Saipan had Commonwealth status it was a Trust Territory as shown on this sign.

The entrance to a Japanese WWII bunker.

Inside the bunker.

WWII artifacts found in a small cave at Lau Lau.

Video Part 1

Part 2

part 3



Anonymous said...

this beach was where Doug Rankin found some treasures from the spanish Galleon. His son Russel was our lead singer.

Adam said...

Where is the bus? I've been down that road a million times and never knew about it. Is it by the hospital cave?

EW Johnson said...

You can't see the bus from the road although it is rather close on the inland side.

Amaury said...


I am going to be in Saipan for 3 days in September and I would like to see as much of the WWII ruins and artifacts as possible. Do you have any recommendations on how I can accomplish this?

Thank you


EW Johnson said...

Thanks Amaury. Marpi would be good for a day trip. It has many WWII sites that are easy to get to. Naftan is much more difficult unless you are with a guide. Mt Tapochao would be a good short trip.

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