Micro Beach

View of Managaha Island from Micro Beach.Micro Beach is perhaps the most popular beach in Saipan. There are many picnic tables, a playground, and a softball field. Wind surfers take advantage of the calm waves and the steady wind. The Northern part of the beach is the site of an ancient Carolinian village. You can also see inside WW II Japanese bunkers that line the beach.

Managaha Island.

Japanese machine gun bunker.

Inside the bunker.

Supply ship passing by Managaha Island.

WWII Dock.


Sydney Tudela said...

Hafa Adai EW. Johnson! Your Blog is beyond awesomeness....May I just add that you may have missed one of Saipan's North side beaches, WING BEACH..I noticed that you didn't really miss much of the scenic sights in SPN. Please add on WING BEACH..It will complete your around the Island's great adventure's.

Thanks alot,

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! Beautiful pictures!!!