Lake Susupe

Lake Susupe is the only lake in Saipan. It is home to a few species of birds found only in the Marianas. One of the endangered birds, the Moorhen, has a Saipan population of 36. It is unknown what natural trees grew here because they were cleared in the 1930's to make room for sugar cane fields and the native fish died when the Talapia was introduced in the 1960's. Today, large Ironwood trees grow and, in some places, very thick 6 foot tall reeds. Even still, I had the feeling of being in the natural, unspoiled Saipan as I walked around part of the lake before encountering the thick reeds. There are also 17 little ponds around the lake. To my surprise, the ponds and even the lake are home to very large fancy-tail guppies.





Papa Tomski said...

hi, thanks for the article. can you swim in the lake? how do you get there? is there a paved road? is there a beach?

EW Johnson said...

Hi Papa Tomski, I haven't seen anyone swim in the lake but it is probably ok. There is a road to the lake.

lee woo said...

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