Banzai Cliff

Banzai Cliff offers a wonderful view of the ocean. You stand a 100 or so feet straight above the ocean. There is no reef so the waves break directly onto the side of the cliff. You can see fishermen standing right on the edge with their fishing line dangling 100 feet below. Banzai Cliff has a similar history as Suicide Cliff. The name came from the mass suicides of Japanese civilians at the end of the Battle of Saipan. Rather than surrender, Japanese families lined up on the cliff's edge from youngest to oldest. Each in turn gave the one in front a push.

Suicide Cliff in the background.

This video goes beyond what the tourists get to see.

I took the below video in the jungle East of Banzai Cliff and North of Suicide Cliff.




Anonymous said...

These photos are amazing! What a beautiful island.

Anonymous said...

I agree! Wonderful photos and an incredibly fascinating island.

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