The Harbor is next to American Memorial Park and is home to many beautiful boats.

Picture from the Memorial Park side. Notice the Old Japanese Lighthouse directly above the mast in the center.

Flame Tree next to the Harbor.

Managaha Island in the distance.

Under full sail on the "Jade Lady III".

Remains of the WWII dock that was called Tanapag Harbor.

Abandoned ship called, "Charter Saipan".

WWII fuel storage tank.

Another abandoned WWII dock. This is a tough one. "You agree to be responsible for any ... death you may suffer".

Naval ship clearing large underwater boulders from the channel.

WWII Japanese bunker in the middle of the parking lot.

The below bunker and well is in the jungle just North West of the harbor.




bazzline85@gmail.com said...

this place is called "smiling bay" as you go out towards the mouth there's a little island on the left side where we used to "party" it was also a huge stingray habitat.

bazzline85@gmail.com said...

the flame trees were planted by the japanese after WWII.

c.agulto said...

actually that harbor is called 'smiling cove marina.' the abandoned ship is called 'charter saipan', located in puter rico or lower base navy hill.

william said...

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